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Jaime González García

Software Developer

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Hi! I am Jaime and I am an extremely passionate software developer. I love the creative side of it, building things, that immense power to be able to create anything you can imagine and share it with others. I see myself as an artisan, I put my heart into my work and I pursue the creation of beautiful experiences for people to enjoy. I love solving problems, making simple things that used to be hard, fixing things that are not broken but could be improved. I am practical as well, I understand that software development and creativity are iterative processes, I start with the simplest and most straightforward solution and I go iterating, improving, polishing over that until I achieve what I want (red, green, refactor!). I love learning, every new technology is a new wonder to me, and I like to share my excitement about what I learn with other people. Above all, I strive to be awesome at what I do.

From or to a more personal point of view, I am a joyful and kind person, I like to smile to people and shout “Good morning!”, “Good evening!”, “Have a nice weekend!”, share my joyfulness through small niceties, show people that I care, you get the gist. I *am* a nerd, or so they tell me, I like fantasy, science fiction, books, movies, I wear superhero t-shirts more often than not, I play video games when my girlfriend is visiting her parents. I like going to the gym and taking care of myself, feeling fit and with pain in my muscles, you know mens sana in corpore sano and all that. I am humble, I am terrible accepting compliments and I don’t like to be the center of attention.


.NET C# ASP.NET MVC Windows Phone XAML Visual Studio GIT Sql Server TDD Best-practices Agile HTML CSS JavaScript Design Patterns SPA Knockout.js vim DDD jQuery

Also experience in

SVN WPF Azure WCF Entity Framework ASP.NET Web APIREST OData WinForms Silverlight Ruby On Rails Android LINQ to SQL NHibernate MySQL SQlite Oracle BDD PL/SQL Ruby Java C++ Python Linux Eclipse Netbeans Powershell node.js express.js angular.js Objective-C iOs XCode

.NET Software Developer at Medius
Mars 2013 - now

At present, I work as a .NET Developer building MediusFlow XI, a powerful, user-friendly, web based workflow platform with a range of applications focused on financial accounting. MediusFlow XI is a SPA (Single Page Application) built with web standards and .NET technologies that runs on Azure.

I work in an agile environment with Kanban, DDD, TDD, CI, with a very UX oriented workflow, both in the front-end and in the back-end.

I usually utilize C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Knockout.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, NHibernate, MEF, WCF and Microsoft WF.

Skills and Technologies

Kanban XP TDD OOP Visual Studio C# ASP.NET MVC NCrunch ReSharper Azure SQL Server WCF HTML5 Knockout.js CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Git TFS DDD NHibernate NUnit PowerShell CoffeeScript Node.js Grunt Jasmine Sinon.js Underscore

Software Engineer at IFS Sep 2011 - February 2013

As a software engineer in IFS my job was to add value to the company’s offer in ERP systems by using my expertise in .NET and software development in general to further develop the company’s products.


Skills and Technologies

Scrum Kanban XP TDD OOP Visual Studio C# WPF WP7 ASP.NET MVC WinForms NCrunch ReSharper DotCover JustDecompile Azure SQL Azure, PL/SQL WCF .NET Remoting ASP Classic VBScript HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery IFS Developer Studio (IDE based on Netbeans) PL/SQL Developer Git SVN

Software Developer Consultant at Syntronic/Ericsson Mar 2011 - Aug 2011

During these 6 months I worked as an external consultant at Ericsson in the LTE (Long Term Evolution) division. My main role was to improve their python development standards in a project within the OAM (Operation and Maintenance) layer. My job was three-fold, firstly, I had to improve the status of the project, re-design, re-architect and re-factor, secondly, I had to share my knowledge on best practices in software development and in python programming, and thirdly, I had to develop the project further. I did this with a combination of teaching by example, pair programming, organizing sessions on best practices and by introducing unit testing in python. The project itself consisted in compiler related technology that aimed to parse user requirements (in this case telecom providers such as Verizon, AT&T, etc) into executable code that would be then used by other teams within Ericsson LTE. The compiler was written in python and generated C++ and Java code.


As stated above:

Skills and Technologies

Python Java C++ Eclipse vim Linux, ClearCase Continuous Integration Scrum Kanban XP unit testing TDD OOP teaching leadership teamwork talking in public problem solving design and implementation of software systems

.NET Software Developer at Infoport Valencia/TIC Mural Sep 2009 - Jul 2010

This was my very first job as a software developer and the one that made me realize that software development is my passion! During this period I worked as an external consultant in Infoport Valencia, I was one of the software developers within the Product Development department, and my main role was to create value for the company by implementing both customized and tailored applications and products, mainly aimed at companies that operated in trading and transportation of goods.


Skills and Technologies

VB.NET C# Visual Studio DevExpress RAD Controls SQL Server SQL Server Management Studio T-SQL Entity Framework Windows Server N-Tier Scrum Pair programming XP unit testing TDD OOP teaching leadership teamwork talking in public problem solving design and implementation of software systems customer relationships requirement gathering and negotiation mentoring

Research Assistant at Linköping University Dec 2008 - Jan 2009

As a research assistant for the University of Linköping, my job was to improve, polish and quality-assure the image processing application I developed during my master thesis so it could become a sellable product and an interesting proposition for the OBOE (Research Center For Organic Bioelectronics) organization partners.


Skills and Technologies

Image processing algorithms (basic morphology operations, edge-detection, marked watershed, etc) Mathematics problem solving Research Marketing Matlab

MsC Telecommunications Engineering Universidad de Oviedo 2001-2009

As an Msc in Telecommunications Engineering specialized in signal theory I obtained a strong background in signal processing, linear systems, electromagnetism, electromagnetic fields, communication electronics, networks and programming.

I made projects on diverse fields like electronics: patch antennas, microcontrollers; programming: HTTP client, server, STMP client, server, multiplayer tank game; voice processing and recognition, etc.

Main subjects

Mobile Communications, Antennas, Radar, EM Fields, Radiation, Optic Communications, Digital Signal Treatment, Digital Communications
Communications electronics, High-Frequency Devices, Digital Electronic Systems, Analogic electronics
Activities and Societies
Indoor Soccer, French, German, English

Master Thesis at Linköping University 2007-2008

I finished my university education by doing an exchange program for a year in Sweden, where I made my master thesis in the University of Linköping. The title of the master thesis was “Proposal for a vision-based cell morphology analysis system” and consisted on an Image Processing software that let the user analyze the morphology of stem cells by applying image processing algorithms to time lapse sequences of stem cell colonies. The aim of the master thesis was to provide a way to research if stem cell morphology and its evolution over time could be used to predict stem cell behavior.

The master thesis was made within OBOE (Strategic Research Center for Organic Bioelectronics) in a multidisciplinary environment of engineers and biologists.

My beloved Malin Olofsson
Reading Fantasy and Science Fiction
Going to the gym and running


[email protected]

+46 702 46 98 38

Schlytersvägen 38 126 50 Stockholm, Sweden

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